After Sales Service / Service

Inceler Medical Ltd. Many of the systems developed by clinics and hospitals receive quality services at economical prices.

Turkey is a company centered around the world through distributors is active. Our professional service staff is available 24/7 You can reach. Inspector with multidisciplinary working system Inceler Medical Ltd. certified by Kiwa accreditation of Dutch origin products. (ISO 13485, CE 1984)

We are constantly moving up the product and service line. After selling we solve your problem in our services as soon as possible. In order to use our products with maximum efficiency, We continually support clinicians and users. All over the World without compromising ethical principles, with our advanced technology, We are confidently moving forward with the upgrade.

We are also helping in the development of new methods You can trust. Most importantly, it is important that your leading technology your ideas for developing.

Quality Management System Certificate (ISO: International Organization for Standardization 9001: 2008) and the management, referral and administration system it is in line with internationally accepted standards and quality service by proving that he has offered it.